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Installation Information

Heat Exchanger Orientation:  

Best Mounting:
All Applications and Vapor
Condensing in Circuit B:

  • Eliminates trapped air
  • Both circuits will drain
  • When used as an evaporator, pipe evaporating liquid in at the bottom.
  • When used to condense vapor in Circuit B, pipe vapor in at top.
Installation Diagram

Satisfactory Mounting:
Liquid to Liquid Applications

  • Air is removed by pumping the liquid.
  • Both circuits will not drain.
  • Circuit A connection must be positioned at the top.

Installation Diagram

Satisfactory Mounting:
Vapor Condensing in Circuit A

  • Air in Circuit B is removed by pumping the liquid.
  • Circuit B will not drain
  • Can be mounted at any angle but Circuit A connection must be at the bottom.

Installation Diagram

  • All standard connections are tapered pipe thread. Refer to the model data sheet for connection size.
  • The piping connections should be made to allow the fluids to flow in a counterflow direction through the heat exchanger. This arrangement with the fluids flowing in opposite directions is recommended for most heat transfer applications.
  • Pipe the larger flow to Circuit A, which is the larger of the two circuits, and the smaller flow to Circuit B, which is the smaller of the two circuits. This will keep pressure drops to a minimum. When piping viscous fluids, pipe the more viscous fluid to Circuit A.
Installation Diagram
Installation Diagram



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