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Technical Data

Construction: All welded, no gasket.

Stock Material:

  • 316L Stainless Steel  A.I.S.I. Low Carbon Nickel Chromium with Molybdenum used for all heat transfer surface, outer shell and connectors.
  • ABS Black Plastic Shell standard on Size 0 Type S.
Heat Transfer Surface - Flow Paths
Type Sq. Ft. Flow Path
Circ A Circ B
S 0.67 to 3.78 Axial Spiral
K 3.78 to 15.07 Axial Spiral
SCC & KCC 2.54 to 15.07 Spiral Spiral

Sheet Thickness:
Type Heat Transfer Outer Jacket
S 0.020" 0.032"
K 0.032" 0.039"

Design Temperature & Pressure - Baffle Material*
Pressure PSIG Temperature °F Baffle Material*
Model Circ A Circ B Min Max Circ A Circ B*
PSN 50 200 10 175 None Silicone
SN & KN 230 360 -50 480 None Silicone
SNCC & KNCC 230 360 -50 480 Silicone Silicone

*Other baffle materials available (Teflon, Viton, Neoprene, etc.)

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